Bead mat 3 PCS Set 11x14 inches
Bead Reamer Set 4 piece
Bead stopper 6 piece set
Bees Wax - Blister pack
Bench Pin Combo with Anvil
Burnisher (small)
Center Punch

Center Punch


Chasing Hammer slightly domed
Chisel Hammer 1oz
Crimping Plier Jumbo
Cutter - K-Star Pencil Grip
Dapping Set 24 pcs + Steel Block
Design Stamp 6mm Baby Feet
Diamond Shovel with handle

Diamond Shovel with handle

  • 4 or more $3.98


Doming Block 2.5x2.5 inches
Double Nylon Jaw Plier 5-1/2in
Draw Tong 8 inch
Drawplate Half Round 30 holes
Ergo Round Nose Plier Purple
Fiber Board (for super petit)
File for Wax work only. Set of 6  140mm
Flat Nose Ergo  Box Joint Pliers
Hammer Brass 2-sided Flat
Hammer Nylon Domed
JTJIGBEG Beginner Thing-a-Ma Jig Plastic
Jumbo Disc Cutter 1 3/8 & 1 3/4
KSTAR Slimline Cutters
Kumihimo Disc 6inch Round
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