Foil Removal

How to remove the mirror backing of Swarovski Crystal.


Occasionally some of us would like to remove the mirror foil of a Swarovski Stone. The following information was supplied by Swarovski. Please try this on an inexpensive item first, since the technique used can lead to clouding of the crystal if the solutions are too strong. Note that the information is reproduced as supplied by Swarovski without any alterations. For clarification "niotric" acid is "nitric" acid. My personal suggestion is to leave this to a qualified person, such as a jeweller, rather than risking serious injury.

Proceedure A

2 stage procedure with sulphur and niotric (sic) acid, removed silver can be recycled (foiling consists of a genuine silver mirro, protected by a varnish, which is either gold or silver coloured).

The glass jewellery stones are treated for 4 to 6 hours in a cold sulphur acid to remove the varnish, subsequently rinsed well with water and dipped in concentrated nitric acid at room temperature for 2 hours. The last acid rests are neutralised through dipping in a 2% sods solution at 60 degree C. Finally sufficiently rinsing with ionised water and dryed, removing any residue.

Proceedure B

One stage proceedure with hot sulphur acid

Alternately to procedure A the glass jewellery stones can be put in concentrated sulphur acid at room temperature, subsequently heated to 90 degree C. This temperature is held for an hour and after cooling stones are rinsed thoroughly with water.

the final neutralising, rinsing and drying takes place as descriped under procedure A.



When using hot sulphur acid, great danger of acid burning!

Also when mixing sulhur acid with water great care must be taken (always pour sulphur acid in the water or not vice sersa!!!)