Pricing Explained

Not sure how our pricing system works?

Beads are generally sold in single units so the price in "A" is for a single bead. The price shown here is $0.2800 or 28 cents ( we use 4 digits since some beads can cost less than 1 cents). In the example
below there a four pricebreaks (note that the product is showing more details simply by placing
the cursor over the image).  The third price break "B" is for larger quantites.
In this example for quantities between 360 and 719 beads. Obviously the single bead price is now
lower.  Therefore, the more beads you purchase of this product, the lower the single bead price
will be. Please also note the description of the product. Some units are sold in strands, often 16 inch
long, others may be per pair or per gram. The unit price therefore relates to the product description.

Please note that all prices are for orders placed online and through the cart system. Orders placed over the phone, by email, or any other way will not considered for bulk discount pricing. Changing and checking price discounts is very time consuming and can therefore not be offered.