Diamonte Earrings


2 pairs flat nose pliers.


Prong Pusher (available from jewellers suppliers)- Alternately use a flat piece of metal.



28 x Round settings  SS19 4 rings  - F10634G.

4 x Round settings SS19 3 rings  -F10633G.

4 x Round setting SS19 2 rings  - F10632G.

36 x Swarovski round stone 4.5mm Lt. Amethyst  - 1028.5519.LAM

2 x Swarovski Rings 15.6mm PP18 Clear  - 1212098.C

2 x Stud SS30  - F304.C.G.NF

2 x Earring clutch  - F2096.GNF

2 x Chanton stone SS29 Lt. Amethyst foiled  - 1012.SS29.LAM

6 x Jumprings oval 6/4 x 6mm  - F119

68 x Jumprings 0.6 x 3mm  - F254/1G

2 x Setting for Swarovski 4320 14 x 10  - S.14X10PCBIR

2 x Swarovski Pear stone 14 x 10mm Clear foil  - 4320.14.C



1:  Set all Swarovski Crystals in corresponding settings.

     TIP: When setting the stones groove out the same shape (i.e. cone shaped) as the setting in a piece of  timber and sit the setting into this place the stone in the setting and close the prongs using the prong pusher or a flat piece of metal.


2: Lay the Lt. Amethyst setting out 4 x 4. make sure the bottom row is 2x 4 ring settings and 2 x 3 ring settings alternately.


3: When you have done this, fold the 2 edges together and join using small jump rings.




4: Next join two loops at the top of the tube with an oval jump ring. Make sure that they line up with the 4 ring settings at the base of the tube. Also connect the Swarovski ring into the oval jump ring at the same time.


5: Using another oval jump ring connect the earring stud to the Swarovski ring.


6: Join the two 2-ring settings to the bottom loops (these will be the 4 ring settings) of the earring.


7: Using an oval jump ring connect the Swarovski Pear Drop to the bottom 2 loops.


8: Place the earring clutch on the back of the stud.