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How to get the most out of this website: Sometimes it is a little hard to find what your looking for, so here are some tips. Most useful tip is to use the "Search" Tab at the top of the page. Type in the code or search word and it will find it. Try not to use anything but the most simple word such as "ring" - not "rings". Most product codes also have extensions at the end such as the kind of plating used, or a colour. Leave the last few digits or characters off when searching for something and you are likely to discover similar articles. You can also click on the wording "Advance search" for further options. All pictures added since the beginning of 2006 are displayed in such a way that they can be view in their actual size. These are indicated with a text in the picture showing pixel size. The first picture you should see is often displayed in the natural size. Exceptions are of course larger sized items. Naturally you can click larger images; there are three images per item. The smallest item is 80x100 pixel (27x33mm approximately), followed by 200x160 pixel (66x54mm). In other words, if the picture shows the text "True size 200x160 pixel" in all of the images, then you can assume that if you reproduce an area of the same size, the item will fit into it. However, due to editing some minute size differences may occur. Please also read the description, often sizes are also provided in the text.