Wholesale to the trade

Benjamin's Crafts has been an established wholesaler since 1984. Since then, our wholesale customers range from other bead and craft shops, as well as fashion and jewellery designers and gift shops.

We offer special prices for genuine wholesale customers only. A basis enquiry form can be found at the end of this page.

 Please read this carefully!


Wholesale bead prices are special prices and some restrictions apply:

 1. Please set up a normal online account first with all your details and ensure that your business name is included, even if the name is the same as your given name.

 2. Make sure that you read all the information at the end of this page in regards to our trading terms.

 3. Email, mail or fax us with you request for access to our wholesale prices.

 4. You must attach a verifiable copy of your business or ABN registration to your request. We will not respond to request where you quote a number without attached certificate(s). Since everybody these days seems to have an ABN registration in their own name, using an ABN alone will NOT automatically allow you access to wholesale prices. The exception of course is that the ABN is in a business name that is clearly related to the industry.

 If your ABN is in your personal name you will need to provide additional proof. This may be in the form of professionally printed business cards (not from a home computer); advertisements in the Yellow pages, local paper; your internet website or an established Ebay site; perhaps copies of invoices from wholesale suppliers etc.


Once you have done all of the above, we will change your account so that by default you will be provided with wholesale prices. Note that your first minimum order must be $150. There are no minimum purchase amounts after your initial order.

 However, for your account to remain active we expect our wholesale customers to purchase above $500 annually with us. All required amounts exclude postal charges.  Accounts with very low purchasing history may be suspended without notice. Re-activation would require the same procedure as a new customer inquiry.

Should the amount spent again fail to reach to required purchase of $500 the account will be suspended until a single purchase of the annual amount has been made.

Note that we do not allow for a third party to make any purchase using your account, this includes friends and relatives. The account and discounts available is offered to you at our discretion and will be withdrawn at any time if we believe it is used in any way that would suggest it is for personal use.

Please be aware that your viewing and purchase history is recorded but not distributed to any other party.

General Conditions of Sale

The following terms and conditions of sale shall apply to all goods sold by Selected

Jewellery and Craft Imports Pty Ltd/Benjamin's Crafts ("The Company") to its Customers ("The Buyer").

1. Agreement to sell 
Possession of the pricelist does not constitute an offer to sell but is an invitation to place an order. An order placed with the Company constitutes an offer by the Buyer which the Company in its absolute discretion may accept or reject. The Company may accept the offer by notice in writing to the Buyer or by supply of the goods set out in the Order placed by the Buyer. 


2. Price

 All prices in the price list are subject to change without notice. All offers accepted will be supplied at the price current at the date of shipment to the Buyer, including items on back-order.


3. Title to the goods sold

 The property in the specified goods supplied by the Company to the Buyer shall not pass to the Buyer until payment in full for these goods has been received by the Company and the Buyers cheque has been honoured. 

The Buyer shall stand in fiduciary relationship to the Company in respect of goods supplied by the Company but which have not been fully paid for and the Company shall have the right to trace the proceeds of sale of such goods received by the Buyer. If the Buyer fails to honour any of these terms of sale, the Company, without notice, shall have the right to take possession of the goods which are subject of this reservation of title, or trace the proceeds thereof, as the case may be, to recover the full amount owing together with interest and costs, if any, to the Company. The Buyer shall hold the goods as being goods in which property ahs not passed from the Company to the Buyer pending payment in full. 

4. Risk and Insurance

 The Buyer, by placing an order with the Company, agrees to insure and keep insured goods supplied by the Company whilst those goods are in the possession of the Buyer to the full invoiced value of the goods. Unless otherwise indicated by the Buyer, goods are not ensured when posted through Australia Post or any selected Courier Company. Risk of loss is passed to the Buyer once the goods have left the premises of the Company. If the goods are destroyed, damaged or stolen whilst in the possession of the Buyer, the Buyer agrees to pay the Company the full value of the goods from proceeds of insurance or otherwise, even thought property in the goods may not have passed to the Buyer.


5. Claims

Any claims for damage or loss must be made within 5 working days. No returns are accepted without prior approval. A 20% Re-stocking fee applies to all goods returned and no refund is available for the postal costs associated with the returns. We regret that under no circumstances can Swarovski Articles be returned for credit when ordered specifically for you or purchased in Bulk.