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Swar Sphere 40mm Clear

Swar Sphere 40mm Clear
Swarovski Sphere 40mm Clear. Swarovskiãs 8000 Strass range was originally designed for the chandelier market only. However, the articles can now be found in a much greater application such as window decoration (Sun catchers) as well as Fashion Jewellery. Most of these articles have a small laser imprinted trademark which looks a little like a trapeze shape close to the hole (there will be no trade mark in older items or coloured items, as well as smaller pieces). The trademark was introduced after other manufacturers produced copies of the Strass range. Due to the amount of low quality copies, Swarovski has started a replacement program with copyright products. Swarovski has also introduced the 9000 range, known as Spectra, which offers some of the more popular articles in optical glass, rather than full lead 30% Crystal. Note that the Spectra range has no trademark engraving. Almost identical items in the Spectra range are approximately half the cost. However, these articles are not as reflective, nor has the surface been treated to repel dust. Prices provided are per single article. Note that objects with small but multiple facets will create more but small rainbows (there are over 100 facets in the 8550 sphere). Large and long facets can create some extremely long rainbows in long rooms such as hallways in the right environment!

Model Number: 8558/40.C
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