E6000 Glue Clear 29.5ml 1oz Shoe Dazzle

E6000 Glue Clear 29.5ml 1oz Shoe Dazzle
THIS GLUE CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED BY SURFACE MAIL. Jewelry application: This glue is waterproof and flexible once it's dry. Use on any project that doesn't require quick drying time. Because it dries relatively slowly, it's necessary to clamp or position your project so that this somewhat-thick glue can set properly. Permanent bond secures embellishments to most shoe materials including leather, vinyl, canvas and rubber. Special notes: You can apply it directly to the materials you wish to bond, or for non-porous surfaces, use it as a contact adhesive. Just apply a thin coat to both surfaces, wait two minutes and press the surfaces together. It's important to use this product only with adequate ventilation. Apply adhesive using convenient, easy to use tube. Not for use with Styrofoam™, polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene plastics.

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