Service - Soldering

We are currently offering a service to solder jumprings in different metals. The service is primarily designed to solder the jumprings of charm bracelets, but can be extended to other items as well, such as soldering rings to the ends of fine chain.

The prices are more than compatible with your local jeweller and we are able to solder very unusual metals as well.

Here is an example of pricing:

Jumprings (no thicker than 1mm) any material $15 each for 1, $10 each for 5 or more.

Jumprings to the end of chain (Sterling silver - 1 each end) $35.

Note that we are not necessarily able to provide the jumprings. Our own range of rings include Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Gold filled.

You can supply your own jumprings. Plated jumprings can not be soldered.

We can solder all sizes jumprings, but thicker than 1mm will incure additional costs.

Large quantity soldering work can be negotiated.


For more information call Michael on (08) 9370 2132 or email us at